Sell your goodies in our online Boutique 

Show online shoppers what you’re made of! We take the hassle out of selling online so that you can spend more time creating and running your business. Open your shop in minutes!

We give you amazing features:

1. Simple and easy to understand Fee options – only R45 per month

2. There are no contracts. You can change or cancel it any time

3  Sell through Facebook by adding your online Boutique!

4. You control all aspects of your store : Branding , policies , Images , Product descriptions shipping  , stock and more

5. You will reach Finesse Studio’s customer base all over South Africa

6. You can create discount vouchers to use in your store

7.Frequent pay-outs :  Request  pay-outs via your dashboard

8. Add Social Media links to your page

9.Friendly support and help with queries

10. Weekly reports  emailed to you with sales , commission and all the info you need

11Dashboard will give you details on site traffic  – how many visits to your site

12. only 15%  commission on Sales


A few tips before you start 

Finesse Studio  online Boutique lets you create a personalised shop page to promote your craft and handmade items with your very own shop URL. But you have to put in time and effort to get your shop noticed.

Using good quality images of your items, writing detailed and emotive product descriptions (tell the story behind your products!), and immersing yourself in the online craft community are great ways to get noticed.

Sharp, well-lit and clear photos work well to increase buyer confidence in the items you are selling. Be sure that the product is in focus, the background doesn’t distract from the item and the image fills the whole thumbnail.

For smaller items, make sure you use the macro setting on your camera to get close to the item and show its true beauty.

It can be difficult to judge how much to sell your handmade gifts and crafts for when first starting out. Under-pricing may give the wrong impression, whereas over-pricing may mean you end up making just a few sales.

You need to make sure your pricing allows you to earn a profit, which means you need to factor in all of your expenses, most importantly your time, but also the cost of materials and packaging, etc.

A good way to get started is by asking your friends and family to review your products and prices, to help get it right when you do start selling


If someone is searching for a specific item on Google, they will have a chance of finding your shop on the results pages if you include the appropriate keywords in your product titles.

Whilst it might be a nice idea to give your products unusual names, think about the words people will use when searching for items like yours online. Using the right keywords can make a big difference to getting your products and your shop noticed.

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