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Make money Crocheting

Make money Crocheting

Crochet used to be something your grandmother did…..

Not anymore !

Online Sales – This almost goes without saying, it is the largest source of handmade sales right now

Below I have listed different methods of creating your own income listed from the least to greatest

Sell Your Finished Items.

So this method of creating an income for yourself through crocheting is probably one of the most popular. When selling your finished items you are free to make and work as much as you like. Below I provided a list of Pro’s and Con’s as well as resources I have found work well for this method. 


– Set Your Own Hours. If you are the kind of person who can easily stay up late after the kids go to bed and crank out 10 hats, this method is perfect for you! 

– You Decided How Much You Get Paid. YES, this is one of the rare occasions where you as both the boss and employee are able to come up with how much you will be paying yourself. I’ve seen people charge anywhere from $5-$60 for a crochet hat. I do recommend you make sure to take other factors (such as minimum wage, hours worked, cost of materials, etc.) into consideration when deciding on this approach. 

– You Decide on What YOU Want to Make. When selling your own finished products you are able to freely choose what you will be making. There are so many different kinds of crocheters out there, those of us who like to make garments, hats and scarves, blankets, amigurumi , and so much more! 


– It’s A LOT of Work. If you’re anything like me, having small children on top of making a large stockpile of finished products is hard work. Definitely not impossible but if being a night owl isn’t exactly up your alley, I don’t recommend going this route. 

– It Can Take Time. I wish it was just as easy as putting up a Facebook post or online listing and make a whole lot of money overnight, but that’s not always the case. Occasionally, it can take up to 6 months to receive your first order. This isn’t always your fault though, sometimes you just need to rack up some nice reviews so people can trust you. 

Here is a place I have found where you can sell your handmade goodies

Finesse Studio online Boutique

Make money Crocheting

They give you amazing features:

1. Simple and easy to understand Fee options – only R45 per month

2. There are no contracts. You can change or cancel it any time

3  Sell through Facebook by adding your online Boutique!

4. You control all aspects of your store : Branding , policies , Images , Product descriptions shipping  , stock and more

5. You will reach Finesse Studio’s customer base all over South Africa

6. You can create discount vouchers to use in your store

7.Frequent pay-outs :  Requestpay-outs via your dashboard

8. Add Social Media links to your page

9.Friendly support and help with queries

10. Weekly reports  emailed to you with sales , commission and all the info you need

11Dashboard will give you details on site traffic  – how many visits to your site

12. only 15%  commission on Sales


Make money Crocheting

Teach Your Craft.

Teaching others how to crochet (or any other craft for that matter) can be an AMAZING way to make an income and help others along the way. Below I provided a list of Pro’s and Con’s as well as resources I have found work well for this method. 


– Easily Able to Make Money. This method is the easiest way to make an income. Know at least 5 people who want to crochet? Charge as low as $50 for one class and you’ve made $250 in one day. Just don’t forget to take your time and cost of materials for each student into consideration.

– As Constant as You Want it to Be. Talk to your local library/community center and make a deal to teach crochet classes once a week. You can easily make your income more dependable and do what you love. 

– Meet Others Who Enjoy What You Love to Do. You can easily make more crochet friends through this income method. Maybe you’ll be able to start a late night wine and crochet group this way.

– Digital Teacher. This is a method I use myself. Youtube is the PERFECT way to teach others how to crochet without having to actually be there in person. You are creating a residual income this way because Youtube uses Google Ads which pay you per view and watch hours. 


– You Must Be Patient. I listed this point as a con only because for some people it can be hard to teach others a skill you yourself have already mastered. Patience is a MUST for this method. 

red and blue yarns on wood board

Here are all the crochet items already listed.

Let it inspire you to Register as a Seller and sell your own gorgeous Creations !

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